Is there a possibility to upload project files to the cloud?

Hello everybody,

So I was looking to start developing a game with UE4. I own a custom-built desktop PC and a laptop. I just wanted to ask if there was a possibility to upload UE4 projects and assets to the cloud so I would be able to start developing the game on my desktop, and have it updated to the cloud so I would continue on my laptop and take it everywhere.

Thank you for your feedback and this is my first post on this forum,

Yes this is possible … but there are a few things you need to realise. An average project can take up a few gigs, so you may need a service with a Terrabyte of storage (like One Drive). Don’t leave your sync on all the time while you are working … the system will be spending the entire time doing syncs and will kind of defeat the object … only sync at the end.

IMHO … you are better off looking at a source code repository like Perforce or Git … as this will give you snapshots and is what I currently use.