Is there a possibility to link an Unreal5 project on the web?

Good morning. I have been working on a project which I moved to Unreal, I have the possibility to create the interactive project, optimize it and leave it ready, but I wonder if it is possible to upload the project so that my customers can send them a link and they can open the file. Is it possible?
I thank the community for always giving me a hand. Greetings!

Hi Agustin,

The easiest thing to do would be to package your project (Platforms → Windows → Package project) and then zip + upload the project. But this assumes your customers have a gaming-quality PC.

Otherwise I’d look into pixel streaming for hosting a project on the web.


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Hi, Augustine, i use furioos, i think it was made for unity but works great with unreal projects.
Here are some (very) old examples embedet in my website

You only pay the minutes your clients are using it!

Hi there,

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