Is there a place to Purchase Pre Made Zombie or Horror Games from Developers?

Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to purchase a pre-made zombie defense game where I can easily edit the characters, guns, bullet projectiles, zombie animations, etc. Is there a place on the forums or another website where I can purchase pre-made content from developers? Please let me know!

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In the marketplace you can often find project templates, but you will find it impossible to find an entire game made for you. Your best bet is to take these templates and add your own characters. Fuze by mixamo (now under adobe) is a really good character creator and has zombie models.

and (your best bet)

If you want all this stuff already in place, you may want to look into something like Game Guru.

you may be able to find plenty of free assets too throughout the web, just be sure to check what the usage is on it.

So basically what you are asking is you want the glory and none of the work?

If that’s how you choose to word it my friend, exactly!