Is there a node to modify input.ini?

Hello! I’m doing some menuing for my game and I need a node that modify the input.ini file with Blueprint to let the player change his key’s binding. Is there a node for that? I mean if I have a Event InputAction “Jump” and I want to let the player choose what the key is for doing this event, how I do that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, you have to code it in C++, sorry.

You have other options too. You can use Rama’s “Victory Plugin UMG” and “Victory Plugin” which will allow you to add keybindings to your menus and allow changes. His current versions have a few oversights and flaws, but works well! I actually am making a complete menuing system which encompasses all of this… It’s almost done, if you wanna see it! and it’s all in Blueprint and can easily be changed to your liking for background images, etc…

Here are a two infancy screenshots…

It is now possible to do this in blueprints.