Is there a node that makes it possible to Rotate an object to a Specific Rotation?

Hi, i’m currently trying to create a blueprint that rotates itself to certain rotations. I have set up so that i have a array with the rotations i want the object to rotate too as well as an event that will be called from the level blueprint that will start the rotating of the object. I will have a ID that will determine which of the rotations in the array which will be chosen for the next rotation.

I got the event calling working the way i wanted to, but i’m a bit stuck on how i should do the actual rotating. Is there a node that rotates something to a specific rotation or will i have to do that by myself and if so do anyone have any suggestions how i would go about doing this?

SetActorRotation? Or you mean making actor slowly rotate to target rotation?

Ah, yes. I don’t want it to be set instantly but i want it over time to rotate to a specific rotation.

I have done some testing and got my blueprint to select the right rotation from the array and the rotate the object to that rotation.
This is how my blueprint looks at the moment.

Now i need to get the object to not set the rotation instantly but instead move over time to the selected rotation. Any suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

Take a look at this question: LINK. I think the node you are looking for is ‘RInterp To’. It interpolates from one rotator to another over time.

Good luck!

Yeah, i found that one and i think i will get it to work the way i want to :slight_smile:

Hi ,

There are several ways you could have your object rotate over time, you could use a Timeline which updates the position over a specified time, or you could use the RInterp To node. Take a look at the BP below for an example which rotates a chair over time, the speed at which the chair rotates is controlled by the Interp Speed variable.

Hopefully it points you in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Bah, Ray beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Haha!!! But, your answer is far more complete. I’m up voting it! :slight_smile: