Is there a node that allows smooth forward movement without even tick?

So I have this puzzle with the parent component in the center. There is a puzzle piece that rotates around it using rotating component that is adjusting during game-play. What I want to do is be able to push a component of the actor smoothly towards the center (the parent component). Is there a way to do this? “Move Component To” might work but it asks for rotation, and I want rotation independant.

One possible way you could achieve this without the a tick event is by using a timeline. You would have to calculate the start and the end location of the component to smoothly interpolate between the two values.

You can Find Look at Rotation to get the direction from the actor to the center, Get Forward Vector from that and use it as the direction for your movement.

For the movement itself a Timeline would work just fine, as @Alwin mentioned. Save the Actor’s Current Location to a variable, make a second variable and make its value = (Current Location + (Forward Vector * Distance)). The distance in this case will be the difference between the radii (radiuses?) of the circles. Use these two variable as A and B respectively with Lerp or Ease.

Edit: you should probably split the Find Look at Rotation result and make a new rotator with X and Y, leaving Z = 0. And make sure to normalize the Forward Vector thereafter.

I actually figure it out. I could have used a Timeline, but Instead I used “Move Component To” and plugged in the rotation value as a variable.

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equip actor BP with “spring arm” with “camera lag” enabled, disable “collision test”, then it moves smoothly