Is there a more Efficient way of handling Multiple Animated Meshes?

I am using Mixamo to Rig and Animate my models, each model will be using the same types of Animations, the same Blendspace and Animation Blueprint set-up, they all use the same skeleton but the meshes vary greatly in sizes.
I’ve tried importing plain animations and assigning them to different meshes but the meshes end up scaling to the same size as the original base mesh so I get results like this

So will I just have to live with importing each animation for the separate meshes, create separate anim BP’s, or is there a way to get meshes running off a single Anim BP, Blendspace BP and animation files?


Please watch the tutorials and search on google before you ask for help.

Animation Retargeting

Sorry, I may have misunderstood what animation re-targeting was, thought it was only needed if animations are using different skeleton structures.

Don’t feel sorry :), you should feel welcome here but the introductory tutorials and some googling didn’t hurt anybody.