Is there a MODO exporter?

If not, that would be a great idea, if someone can develope one.

afaik modo now can export via fbx so try using that

Yeah, .FBX works great :slight_smile: But it would be cool with a exporter too

What do you mean by ‘exporter,’ specifically? If Modo can export to FBX, then there’s no need for someone to introduce functionality that already exists within the program.

Furthermore, here’s a playlist with three videos that show step-by-step export of a mesh with bones and animation from Modo into UE4:

Can’t get simpler than that really.

Can’t understand this request either. I simply use fbx with defaults settings and scale - bones and animation works perfectly.
It’s not even “Export”, you simply save as fbx and then open in UE4

I wrote a few quick scripts that may help. Check my scripts page