Is there a minimum value for Delay?

Is there a minimum value for Delay?

I created a custom loop (using a Branch node) where the last node is a Delay. In my loop, I increment a float by 1. I set the float to show on the screen, so I can check its value. I break out from the loop when the float reaches a certain value. Setting the time in the Delay node allows me to set how fast I want the number to increase.

My problem is, however, that it seems, if I enter a smaller delay value than 0.01, it doesn’t make an effect, the delay would still be 0.01 seconds.

This number seems small, but considering I can only increment the float 100 times a second this way it isn’t that small anymore.

My question is, obviously if there is a minimum value for the delay you can set and if there is, what workarounds would be possible?


Use Tick event, by multiplying “Delta Secounds” with varable change that change varable in tick event becomes “per sec”. Something like this:

y = (x*Delta)+y

x is change value i was talking about and it’s not “per sec” value, y is varable you changing, Delta is “Delta Seconds” (which is also called delta time)

Tick run on every frame, delta time is a time between frames, so everything will be most precise as engine can do