Is there a list of all console variables and commands for UE 5.0

Hello there. At the moment, I am looking for a way to expose or grab certain console variables like they appear in the console command window. (like typing in r.lumen.etcetc)

I would love to expose several specific commands to an in-editor window with sliders for quicker access and furthermore for testing and tweaking different settings to learn what they do without typing each command into the console again and again and again. I am an artist without much knowledge on coding side of things but want to bite my teeth into it if needed. Any idea on this topic would be helpful.

@epicgames some native tool/window with direct access to several features like “all lumen related” would be very handy in this case. In case of Lumen for example, the public exposed post process effect values are like a 5% of what the whole Lumen console command world has to offer.

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There are no news on a UE 5.0 Console Variable list?

I only found one for UE 4

here are some useful ones, but i need more information in RAYTRACING and LUMEN for my renders