Is there a limit to the size of a NAV mesh for NPies can be on a map before any performance hits?

Hello everyone,

Can a nav mesh for NP characters be any size on a map?
No performance or other issues if it covers the entire area of a map?

If you the player character is hiding in a large building or small city and you want the bad guy (non player character - AI) to be able to search for you
ANYWHERE in the building or city, that is possible?

Thank you.

Also another related question.
I heard that the further you travel away into a large map from the point of origin the more expensive certain calculations by the engine gets.
In a stream they were talking about shifting the entire map so that your current position would be back at the origin.
So just wondering if this might be necessary if you have NPies travelling really deep into your map.
I am thinking this might only be an issue if the map is rrrrreally big.
So not a big concern I am just wondering :slight_smile: