Is there a Kismet Script that Limits the amount of Players

Hi Everyone Does anyone Know A Kismet Script that Limits the Amount of Players In a map For example Lets say I Only want 6 pawns In One Map. The Kismet script will make sure there are only 6 pawns anything above 6 the script will remove Is that Possible.

Take a look at UDK | GametypeTechnicalGuide

You should be able to do this very easily with GameInfo.MaxPlayersAllowed, GameInfo.NumPlayers, and GameInfo.NumBots. You shouldn’t need to remove any additional bots. I would just get or set those when the game starts and then you’ll have the right number of bots.

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Oh but I would like It In each specific map Is that Possible to have different Limits In specific maps.

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I managed to create a time Limit script for Kismet but It Is coming up with all these errors I dont Understand. I really need Help.
KismetNodes (1).rar (5.7 KB)

Bro, I’m not going to download any zip or rar files. How about you post your code and the errors instead?

SeqAct SetTimeLimit.uc (327 Bytes)
SeqAct SetHealthandArmor.uc
SeqAct_SetCharacterAbilites.uc (941 Bytes)
SeqAct_SetObjectProperty.uc (531 Bytes)

Ignore getgamemode I have that already that. I need this one as well.
SeqAct MaxPlayers.uc (719 Bytes)

I’m not downloading any of your files. You can just paste your code here.

Is the name of your class “SeqAct ChangePlayerCharacter”? Or is it SeqAct_ChangePlayerCharacter? You can’t have a space in class names.

Thanks for the help earlier On Discord. I appreciate it.