Is there a guide for wiring up animations / AI for *new* dinos?

I’ve been somewhat beating my head against a wall for a couple days now trying to get a new “dino” in. Since my creature is a humanoid I based it off of the Bigfoot, but I’m clearly missing something because my creature stays locked in the T-pose.

  • I’ve created a blendspace and blendspace 1D for the movement (which appear to work fine when editing them).
  • I’ve added my animations to the asset overrides on the animation blueprint.
  • I’ve created montages for the attack animations.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s “magic” being performed based on naming conventions, as my animations aren’t named the same as the existing ones. I also wondering if it’s due to some pieces being mission as I don’t have aim-* animations or explicit left/right movement animations.

Im a noob with this aspect as well but I have managed to get a new creature in the game and have it animate…so my question is: does it work in the preview window and not in game?

Not in the viewport no. Within the blendspace editors it animates as expected. Within the animation blueprint editor, the idle animation works but if I check the “is moving” box in the animation blueprint the model freezes.