Is there a guide for the blueprint system for dummies?

I try to understand most of the tutorials, but i end up messing up and non of the documentation i’ve come across seems to explain why my blueprint failed/etc

I’ve especially been running into this area with trying to make Blend textures for Landscapes.

Is there like, an even more basic way to understand blueprints? Or am i just ****ed into landscape creation lol
I understand the level creation and have been practicing with the editor with all the different tools and such and i want to get into actual creation now. I want to start to make it feel like a game instead of a walking simulator.

(maybe you want a screenshot :))

Unfortunately, I dont think there is a “shortcut” - You’ll have to spend a lot of time going through tutorials and documentation to understand Blueprints (same as any code, be it C#, C++, whatever).

My recommendation is to start with a template from Epic and look at the code. Then start adding / modifying parts of it. So, example, use the Thirdperson template from epic and add a sprint and crouch. Then add camera switching, then try to create some basic interactions, etc

This is the way I learned and it took months. Dont give up!