Is there a Greenhouse 'Setting' to turn your structure into a Greenhouse Peice?

Ok, I have been looking, not for days but hours so I thought I would give a shout out and see if one of those more experienced Modders out there knows.
I have some New structure items, they would be equivalent of the greenhouse structures, but they do not work like the greenhouse structures do. Is there a Setting someone in the blueprint that tells ARK that this structure is a Greenhouse structure? I have gone through the Blueprint, looked at the components, checked through the variable list… if there is one its not called Greenhouse, does anyone know how to make a structure a greenhouse structure?

Many thanks in advance … Thugg

At the very bottom of the PrimalitemStructure file there is a crops settings section. I have not tested this but I assume that will affect how crops will grow :slight_smile:

I Have checked that, it is the Same on the Structure that Has Greenhouse and the Structure that does not, so I don’t think that is it. I think that is if the Item is an actual CROP growing structure. Like a Crop plot. Thanks for the suggestion tho…

So, IF Nobody knows the answer to this one? Then I don’t feel so bad because it is one of those ARK Mysteries. The other option is nobody is willing to tell. which means that I have missed it and should start feeling silly now.
Again, another shout out to anyone who might have played with things longer and deeper… anyone, Know how the greenhouse pieces work. There is No Settings on the blueprint or associated primal item structure blueprint that seems to turn a structure into a greenhouse structure. IT would be great if the devs exposed that info/setting for the modders if its not simple to find…
Thanks in advance

Try the “Default Stasis Component Octree Flags” on the structure BP. I’ll bet you anything that’s it since all other relevant structures have the same value except the greenhouse parts.
The crop stuff on the PrimalItems is just for if that particular item is something that grows or not.
Once a structure is placed, the primalitem no longer has any influence on the item placed, it’s all done on the structure bp.

FYI - You can CTRL+Click 2 items in the devkit and select “Diff Selected” to see what is different between the 2

Pok3r, thanks for the info, I will give the “Default Stasis Component Octree Flags” a go, I wasn’t thinking weird enough arkspeak I guess looking for a variable like “Greenhouse factor” or “GrowthModifier” of course just doesn’t make sense… The tip for comparing two blueprints is worth its weight in gold, and for that I owe you a beer!
** Update ** I have confirmed that this Default Stasis Component Octree Flags is INDEED the Greenhouse solution! Thanks P0k3r! Also Thanks for the TIP that will pay far more in dividends than figuring out the greenhouse flags… !!