Is there a good tutorial for creating widgets in C++?

I’ve seen plenty of Widget Blueprint tutorials, but I can’t find any good tutorials for creating UI using primarily (if not completely) in C++.

Am I chasing unicorns or does such a thing not exist?

Check the mentioned Links to create widgets in C++

Well, there’s two approaches.
SLATE (widgets are written with this stuff) and the primitive canvas HUD.
The former has ****-all in terms of documentation. The latter works, but requires you to do everything manually.
I’ve switched from widgets to canvas HUD, albeit in blueprint instead of C++ during my prototyping stage, because widgets really didn’t allow me to do what I wanted to do.
I have been surprised at how easy it is to work with this kind of HUD. The hardest part was to find out that the ingame mouse cursor is a property of the player controller and that the only way to get a hardware cursor is apparently to change the engine source.

Vb4, the canvas HUD, what documentation and tutorials do you recommend for this?

While looking up some of the basic tutorials provided by epic, it seems that my HUD doesn’t allow for a constructor in the same way as Epic’s tutorial. Has something changed in regards to how AHUDs work since then that’s not documented anywhere?

This is the tutorial I’ve found:

Time is roughly 3:30 into video.

In the video, no constructor is declared within the header, but is defined in a way that’s unfamiliar to me in the sour c e file. This does work for her, yet mimicking it fails for me. Can someone please offer assistance with this?