Is there a gather project option?

I often spend so much time upgrading the engine versions, and making duplicates of my past projects so I can learn the new tools and perhaps build my goal projects with the best version of the engine* I can, *I haven’t gotten far in any of them due to always learning and upgrading etc etc …

*but I’d like to now take my best projects, and output only the assets I have used in the levels, and leave behind all the testing assets etc…

can I not somehow build the project and have the engine only copy over the used assets, so that when I do choose to move to a new version of the engine, I dont have to duplicate the entire past project and only the used / edited/ custom assets ?

This would now include any Megascans assets I have downloaded to the project

might it also be possible to download megascans assets to a more common downloads folder so everything I have downloaded is available to every project I make with that version of the engine ?*

Make a new project, the you can open the older ones and migrate only the maps you’re interested in, it will only carry over what’s relevant.