Is there a function that will output motioncontroller's x/y/z location as it changes?

Sorry, my question may be confusing since I am not that experienced. What I want to achieve is that there will be an invisible box (collision box?), and if the motion controller is within the box and the trigger is held any movement of the motion controller will now cause the player character to move so long as that trigger is still held. Is there a function that will convert the change of xyz coordinates (vector?) and output them, so I can then somehow convert that to player movement? I must not be searching for this correctly as I have found nothing, but I am sure I’m not the first to come up with this method of movement.

Hi McPhearson,

What you could do is store the position of the motioncontroller in a transform variable at the moment you pull the trigger (because it probably will be difficult to just get the relative position of the controller to the box, the box is not a child of the player i assume).

Next you can get the local position of the motioncontroller to the stored point with a ‘convert transform to relative’ node, which outputs a vector you can use for your movement input.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the response! I found some time to research what you said and I think it is just about what I’m looking for. Also, I think I might have the box be a child of the player, I will need to look into that more to learn more on how that works.
But for now, you used some words that better specify the key things I need, and I used those to do some searching (store the position of the motioncontroller in a transform variable) and this looks like what I need to get the first part done:

At the moment though I cannot figure out how to create that Set for the LHand Transform Location/Rotation/Scale , I couldn’t find it in any searches here or on google either. How did he make that?

Good, good! If you are able to parent the box to the player that would probably make things a little easier.
If the box is in the player, you can use nodes to get the postion of the motioncontroller relative to the box without having to store anything.

If you want to add the box object to the player bueprint; on the left side there is a button that says add component. If you then look in the viewport tab, you can place the component you added at any position you like.

As for the orange nodes; these are indeed setting variables of the transform type. I took a look but couldn’t figure out how one would create one of this type though. If you add a varable in your blueprint and set it to the type transform you can store the complete transform (position, rotation and scale of the obect). The node in your example splits these outputs up. I think you could do what you’re trying without splitting things up though. Just save the entire transform of the motioncontroller component, and when you do the rest of the function, break the transform to only use the location vector.

Sorry for the late response, I have been wanting to give this a try but I have been busy with work and now I’m having issues with my headset only running at 60fps and it shaking a lot. I created another post about this so I’m waiting to see if someone has found a way to fix it. Thanks again!