Is there a find and replace for variables in blueprints?

I am working on an inventory system. What I’m doing to create in the inventory system requires a very repetitive process of replacing variables with other variables, which got me wondering if there is a mode or system built into unreal engine 4 blueprints, where I can select an area of blueprints and do a find and replace. I.e.:

Find Get Variable Integer “Texture1”
Replace All Instances of Get Variable Integer “Texture1” With “Texture2”

Just curios if there is something like that! (I know that there is a find references but that’s not what I am looking for here. )

You can drag & drop variables on top of one another → this will replace them.

There’s also this:

Perhaps it’s a logical problem; while setting blueprints can be mundane, it can be often solved with setting up macros, select nodes and switches to automate the process.

There is an experimental editor feature: Replace all variable references - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

Nice. This works really well for me with 4.24. It does say tab unrecognised at first but I just had to restart the editor.

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