Is there a 'Exec' node that Inverts its output?

I’m wanting to make an exec output invert a signal. So what I’m asking is, is their a exec node that when its getting a signal it does not activate, but when it isn’t getting a signal it does activate? Like it gives a opposite signal.

Anyone know?


Not that I know of; But you can use a Bool in a Branch to get a similar result.

Exec is not really a signal like some electricity, it only establishes order of executing things by VM. The closesed to what you want is Gate node.

I think you can use Gate Logic to make possible. Like get Two input one will be 1 and other one will be signal, using AND logic you will get 0 output when there is no signal and use NOT logic on that out put. I am kind of new to UE so can not help you much. But for logic we can make NAND Gate.