Is there a Event / hook / function launched after automatic sizing in UMG / Slate ?


I would like to get the desized size of a popup widget I made. (The “Get Desired Size” BP node exist for it).
But some of my widget are dynamically sized if we can say. They use “size to content” and some text block use the “auto wrap text” setting. So they depend on their content.

From this answer hub (UMG: Visual artifacts when using auto wrap text - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums), and from the description of the “Get Desired Size” node, I see that i can only get this popup’s size after all the auto/dynamic sizing is done !

For now, I use a “Custom Event” which I launch after a fixed delay (“Set timer by event” node), after the “Event Construct” of my popup widget. But I’m trying to put this delay at his minimum, but sometimes, these automatic/dynamic sizing process takes more and my desired size is then not good. I still can put a longer delay to solve it.

But I wanted to know if it exists an Event, or hook or function that is triggered after a dynamic sizing is done to a widget ?

My actual BP¨solution :

Thank your for answering :slight_smile:

Force Layout Prepass and then get desired size. Your timer waits for a tick. Prepass forces a tick now. It will also get rid of most (if not all) text formatting resize / wrap qirks.

Yes ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ! It works perfectly ! It’s way better like this and helps me for another thing !
So many BP nodes, fortunately, there is this forum / hub !