Is there a cloud/sun/moon/stars system that does not use any spheres/domes/boxes?

I want to know if there is any system available for clouds, sun, moon & stars, where the map will not be boxed in so to speak with a skybox, sphere or dome. The reasoning is that I’m using multiple landscapes at different heights and I do not want players seeing or walking through such spheres and boxes while traversing the game world. I need to have different skies depending on the player’s current location as well.

I think your best choice would be to still use a normal sphered/Boxed Skybox. Those are usually also just Actor Objects, so you can move them with your Player via Blueprint or C++.
Alternatively you could increase the scale of such a skybox.

I suppose I could move it as you say in the future however I’m know advanced enough to figure out how to do that yet. Yes I can scale it, but the other issue is I need to have multiple skies at least 3-4 depending on the location of the player, this is why one skybox will not work, I need to be able to use many without complications or a system that does not use skyboxes.

It can be one skybox. Each place will use different settings to configure that sky box to what it should looks like there. The player as it is running its own client will see the sky for the location it is placed, meaning all will look fine. What you need to realize is how networking works inside the engine, and this type of doubt would not exist. I was about to release in the next days a tutorial about networking with blueprints and I think this exactly problem you have is what is necessary to make a good example for this tutorial, I can do it exactly using the built in skybox for the engine, making it look different each place and showing transitions. I will let you know when it is finished.

Thank you very much that would help me out a lot with this! :slight_smile:

TrueSky Alpha

Any update on your guide?

Thank you for mentioning this, that seems it could fit my criteria however, I don’t like their licensing & the fact that it’s not on the Unreal marketplace either.

I am working on several projects right now, so that tutorial has lost priority, but it is something I need to do for training purposes with my team, right now I can’t give you an ETA.

Alright, let me know if you ever get around to it :slight_smile: