Is there a bug with the way Virtual Cameras handle scaling the sequencer window?

Is this a bug? (see image)
I created a fresh cine cam and virtual camera. They have the same framing and settings, but when I expand the sequencer below, it breaks my framing on the virtual camera.

Update: this happens in UE4 as well. Even in a fresh scene. I think this has to be a bug, but surely someone else has encountered this and knows a workaround?

Hello, I have the same problem, I think it’s a bug.

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Does anyone have a workaround? I know you can copy and paste the camera component from your virutal camera into a new cine camera actor, but then you have to manually copy/paste the position as well as focal length etc. This could be problematic with lots of takes.

Is there a way to convert or bake a virtual camera down to a cine camera? Or “lock” the filmgate on the virtual camera so it isn’t dependant on the size of the lower panel?

In case anyone else finds this, I found a workaround:

Simply add a key frame to the ‘constrain aspect ratio’ parameter in the sequencer and set it to true

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