Is there a bug for linux 64 building need installing VS2010

I try to build linux server 64. but there is a error like following. I am using vs 2013 now!

The build tools for Visual Studio 2010 (Platform Toolset = ‘v100’) cannot be found.

Does I need to install vs2010 .

This is not really a Linux-specific error. Can you build that project for any other platform?

Don’t set the platform To Auto, it should be set to Win32. UBT ignores this and it will always build 64-bit Linux binaries.

(EDIT: sorry, I messed up previous reply and mistakenly deleted it together with your comment).

you are welcome thank you very much

Excuse me


.If I can not set platform to auto, which option should I set ?

ok, thank you very much

Umm… sorry, mislead you. Should actually work with Auto, it’s just the configuration that will be always treated Win32. I am at a loss now, this looks like UBT generated the project/solution wrong. What if you regenerate the projects or upgrade solution (as error message suggests)?