Is there a blueprint way to handle cin to get user input?

If you want to get the player to type in their name (or type anything really) and get the letters to show on the screen as they type, is this possible in blueprints?

I’m just thinking of the Scaleform textfield stuff, which had a user input option.

I’ve seen the C++ developers like doing chat windows, but I assume it’s coded.


Viewport classes handle processing of inputs, you could also try Slate (unreal ui system), it has text fields too isnt it? But yes could suppprt system apis to but then you need then you need to handle compaibility

I have got what I wanted done using key input events (yep, all of those) in the player controller and string functions like append, len, get substring, and using hud draw text – works fine - i can type, backspace (but not holding it down), add spaces and enter (confirm) and escape (cancel), and store the result So I just set a bool bIsTyping when the player is gonna input some text, so the keys check that every time to override other key input events.

In Slate, which I haven’t used yet, I did spot some kind of textbox thing, but that’s about all I know about that. It’s over my head at the moment…

I made a video of blueprint driven user text entry :

Surely there a more efficient method? Its a pretty basic concept.