Is there a blueprint solution to pitch lock with RinterpTo?

I’ve read a few posts about the pitch runtime rotation limit of +90/-90, however the solutions are either cpp which at this point in time i have limited experience with, or relate somehow to using a timeline. i’ve tried various solutions that explore what was mentioned in these posts, however my attempt to RinterpTo pitch from current rotation to a desired rotation still locks up no matter which solution i’ve tried to employ. any help is appreciated, or if there is a specific solution that has already been posted that would work with this case, i’m happy to explore/dissect the answer more to better understand the issue. thanks!

(my bad if this was posted multiple times…my browser locked up during submit)

of course i figured out a solution right after posting this. instead of using RinterpTo for a pitch control with Set Actor Rotation, I used the RinterpTo in a DeltaRotation for an Add Local Rotation node and that seems to avoid pitch lock.

can post an example good sir, please and thank you

i posted the blueprint in this forum thread:
Gimbal Lock