Is there a blueprint node for this?


I would like to create a switch based puzzle in my level, where the switches have to be pressed in a certain order. Is there a blueprint node that can do this?


There is no default blueprint node that can do that. I’m not sure how your puzzle is set up, but in a situation like this, you would normally want to create custom events and functions. The default blueprint nodes

For your specific question about a puzzle, there are several tutorials for this.
This video is one way you could do it. Instead of circles that the player rotates, you would have to create your own switches that the player can press. Otherwise, it should give you a good overview of how to do something like what you are trying to achieve.

Hi thanks for replying. I currently have nothing setup for my puzzle as I was waiting to see what the responses would say. I will watch the video and see if it helps.
Thanks again