Is there a Blueprint method to manually rebuild nav mesh?

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to rebuild the nav mesh manually using blueprints. I know that I can enable runtime rebuild of nav mesh. But I just want the rebuild to happen only when I do something specific like say add some new mesh to the level.

I’ve posted this question in the AnswerHub as well, but haven’t received any answers yet. So if anyone wants to answer it over there, here’s the link:

That’s because this question has been asked and answered before!

Yes, I’ve seen that thread. That was almost a year back and I didn’t want to bump up an old thread. There was also some mention about adding a feature for that in the future. I was wondering if any updates have been made on the matter since then.

I know it’s a 6 year old topic, but I do not find any topic with a solution.
Is it possible to run manual update of nav meshes with set the whole nav mesh to auto update dynamically? I just want to update the navmesh buy a specific event, and not all the time. How to trigger a nav mesh update manually?

I tried “RebuildNavigation” as command, but theres no update of the nav mesh.

thanks a lot