Is there a better way to organize a resource folder for UE4 use?

Hey guys, I want to create a resource folder which has meshes, materials, textures, VFX, etc… in it.

Is there a better way to do it or organize it?

If later on I have to deal with different projects, is there a faster way to import all the resources that I need into UE4 project without any problems appear.

Well there is no rules on how to organize your folder structure. Whatever works for your workflow the best is the one you should use. When you migrate some resources between two projects the folder structure will remain the same. For example if I had Blueprints/Characters/MyCharacter_BP it would be migrated into that same path in the other project. I’ve used this wiki page as reference when organizing my assets in projects.

Thank you Kreivi. I have one more question. Is it possible for me to create a new resource folder on my desktop to store all my meshes, materials, textures, etc. , when I import them into UE4 projects, UE4 can automatically find all the path for my meshes. instead of migrate resources from other UE4 projects.

I’m not sure about that and I have no access to Unreal Editor to check it out. I can’t remember if there was a “Import folder” -option or was it for single assets only (such as texture, model etc.). One way to do it that comes into my mind is to create new project gather all the “common” assets you want in that project and then migrate them into where you need them. At least that should work.

thanks alot Kreivi.