Is there a Batch fbx exporter Maya?

(Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this)

But I found a simple FBX exporter, but it’s nothing special that Maya cant already do.

There is an exporter for 3DS max that is made specifically for unreal, and can export the mesh and the collision mesh all in one, and do it for meshes all at once.
This is the 3DS Max version… Batch export/import – JosBalcaen

Is there anything like this for Maya?? Because man, it is taking me forever to export a bunch of modular pieces, then If I make any changes, I need to do it all over again!

If not, maybe I can attempt to learn Maya Scripting, but I would rather not use all my time on that!!

See this python script that I built to use very very often to batch process UVs of flat surface walls in all fbx files from a given folder path… May give you some ideas:

[TABLE=“class: highlight tab-size-8 js-file-line-container”]

import maya.cmds as cmds

import maya.mel as mel

name = “X600Y300Z20”

fileType = “fbx”

pathOfFiles = “C:/Users/Bruno/Desktop/Greebles-Pack/Greebles-Walls-I/”+name+"/"

files = cmds.getFileList(folder=pathOfFiles, filespec="*.fbx")

if len(files) == 0:

cmds.warning("No files found")


idx = 0

for f in files:

    cmds.file(pathOfFiles + f, i=True)

    mel.eval('polyQuad  -a 30 -kgb 0 -ktb 0 -khe 0 -ws 0 -ch 0 Wall_X600Y300Z20;')

    mel.eval('select -r Wall_X600Y300Z20;')

    mel.eval('polyForceUV -unitize;')

    mel.eval('select -r Wall_X600Y300Z20;')


    idx = idx+1

    output = "C:/Users/Bruno/Desktop/Greebles-Pack/Greebles-Walls-I/Release/Wall_"+name+"_"+`idx`+".fbx"


    cmds.FBXExport('-file', output, '-s')



Wouldn’t be hard to make a proper tool just like the one for Max, but I don’t want to invest the time needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I ended up making my own, which was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated! Still very simple but it’s fast!

Here it is if you guys want it! (Just be sure to change the export path)

It also saved as the objects name so name your stuff! Also it doesn’t work(YET) for things that are made up of multiple meshes and need to be combined. Although I did make a simple version that allows that fore single exports.

//Save the file as “zFBXExportB.mel” to use in the Mel Command Line
//Objects Must bee free transformed first of else will be clustered at center when export is done! (A simple undo might also work though)

//Save File function, pass the name
proc SaveFile_FBX(string $tempName)
string $filePath;
$filePath = “D:/Programs/Maya/Export/”; //file path to save to

FBXExport -f ($filePath + $tempName + ".fbx") -s;


global proc zFBXExportB (){

//set up any variables
string $fileName;

//Get selection and put into array
if (objExists("UCX_*")==1)
    select -deselect "UCX_*";                            //remove the collision objects from the selection
if (objExists("UBX_*")==1)
    select -deselect "UBX_*";
if (objExists("USP_*")==1)
    select -deselect "USP_*";

string $objectArray] =  `ls -selection`;
int $objectArraySize = size($objectArray);

int $currentObjectNum;

//Export all the objects! (with their collision meshes if they exist)
for ($currentObjectNum = 0; $currentObjectNum < $objectArraySize; $currentObjectNum++)

    int $collisonObjExists_UCX = `objExists ("UCX_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum])`;
    if ($collisonObjExists_UCX == 1)
        select -add ("UCX_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum]);
    int $collisonObjExists_UBX = `objExists ("UBX_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum])`;
    if ($collisonObjExists_UBX == 1)
        select -add ("UBX_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum]);
    int $collisonObjExists_USP = `objExists ("USP_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum])`;
    if ($collisonObjExists_USP == 1)
        select -add ("USP_*" + $objectArray$currentObjectNum]);

    move -rpr 0 0 0;												//center to orgin
    $fileName = $objectArray$currentObjectNum];
    print ($fileName + "


    move -absolute 0 0 0;											//move back to their location(Must bee free transformed first!!!)
    select -cl;


aw, too bad nothing happens when I run that in maya :frowning: would have been sweet to have. I get no error or nothing, just nothing happens, using maya 2015

this could help