Is their a way to get a Heightmap from Google Earth?

Hey guys!

So, I was just wondering if its possible to get a height map from Google Earth? I have researched this and found results from way back in 2008 and needing to download a lot of software’s to get it to work.
And the software’s don’t even exist anymore.

Here is some terrain I’m wanting to Heightmap.

So is their and easy way of doing this and is it possible?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, theres a way with a Sketchup. This will give you the exact geometry, and then you have to decide, which dirty trick to use to convert it to heightmap. I am using the Z channel, giving it min\max settings as min=0, and max= max height of geometrical terrain imported from sketchup. This will give you a nice b\w map, if youll render it with top\down camera, with FOV=0,00000001, moved up to fit the geometrical tile. Unfortunatelly, you cant just render the Z depth from Topview, because theres no actual depth in straight projections. Sorry for my English, it`s not my native language.

don’t know a straight way to get heightmap directly with google earth

anf for what I remember, google earth doesn’t create those data, they just use wht’s available ( Google Earth - Wikipedia )

so there are some easiest solutions:

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In short. No. Use and microDem/3dem with worldMachine if you need real world stuff.

take a screenshot/snipping tool in topdown and convert it to monochromatic in photoshop then adjust levels/threshold to sharpen it.

I found this:

You can use Terrain Builder script for After Effect to get all necessary maps and mesh from Google Maps

This is my go to: