Is the WebBrowser/CEF functional enough?

I’m currently prototyping a UI-heavy project. I’m using UMG just fine, and it’s more than enough for about 80-90% of the UI. However, there are bits and pieces where I require more formatting than UMG in general (and even the RichTextBlock) allows. Using HTML and CSS is therefore preferred. Unfortunately pretty much all the third-party plugins (RadiantUI and BLUI) are either outdated or no longer improved except for engine updates, Coherent is too expensive, and developing my own implementation of the Chromium Embedded Framework is beyond the scope of the project (also being beyond my programming experience).

So is the built-in implementation of CEF stable and functional enough? The WebBrowser widget is still marked as experimental, but it seems functional enough. I do have sufficient knowledge of C++ and Slate to implement my own widget based on the WebBrowser, so that’s a possibility too. As long as I can send input and data between Unreal and the “webpage”.

It’s “functional” but it runs like absolute garbage - see the epic launcher for example.