Is the VR template height off?


I’m testing out the VR Templates and am finding the height is off.

I checked the blue print and it seems the height should be correct since it’s using the “Set Tracking Origin” set to “floor”.

What I’m finding is that it feels like my eyes are about 6 inches (approx) lower than my correct height.

I’ve imported a mesh character that is set to my height that I’ve used in the past. My eyes feel like they’re at the under chin line depicted in the image below.

Should the vr templates be the correct height? Or do they require a modification?


Ok I think I solved this.

I thought of something that may have been the cause.
I moved my Rift sensor to a new location on a tripod and did not re-run the Rift setup.

I just ran the rift setup with the sensors new location and it looks like the height is correct.

Silly me.
Hope this helps other people.