Is the Viewport Simulation Camera Rotation capped?

I downloaded the latest version of the UE4 off git (release branch).

I then compiled the project and created a UE4 game project from the Top-Down project template.

When navigating the level with the view-port camera everything works fine.

When clicking play and ejecting from the pawn I can fly around in free-fly mode with the view-port camera still. However, there is an issue with the rotation.

The exact behavior is while holding right click I can rotate X degrees away from where I first pressed right click. X Appears to be about 45 degrees.

If I turn until the limit, release right click, hold right click, I can continue turning another 45 degrees.

To do a 180 I have to repeat this 4 times…

How can I turn this off?

Still having this problem in 4.8 preview 2. Did you find an option to turn it off anywhere? This gets pretty annoying because camera is acting different depending if you are “ejected” while simulating or playing or normally editing. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like this in 4.3 or earlier versions. It started happening with some update.

If in Player Controller “Show Mouse Cursor” option is enabled, it seems to clamp ejected camera movement to the viewport window. I’m not sure if this is working as intended or a bug.

Problem still happens 4.13.1