is the streaming level loading really asynchronous when streaming method is "blueprint"?

I have a small persistent level that includes as a child another bigger level who “streaming method” is set as “Blueprint” (because I dont want it loaded from the start).

But Im having a little moment when loading where the screen blocks/freeze (that’s what I want to avoid because this is for VR) and when streaming that should not happen.

Any advice?

From the answers hub:

Then it seems still is only one thread to do it?.. so it still will freeze for a few seconds unless the loading level be ridiculous small… that’s too bad…
The “solution” of “always loaded” is useless, I dont want to load all my levels at once…

If you test it in shipping build game then the freeze should be very tiny, though there shouldn’t be any freeze since it’s async…
I also feel it annoying since I’m also developing VR game, but got no clue how to fix it.