Is the SaveGame property actually used for anything?


I made struct with a few variables, none of them has the SaveGame property ticked. I then made save the game object with a variable of the struct type, again the SaveGame property is unticked. So none of my variables has a SaveGame property set to true. Yet I can save and load the data using the save game slot nodes.

So what is the purpose of the SaveGame checkbox on every property in a variable, a struct and savegame object given that the data is saved when they are not ticked?

At first it was added for Fortniteā€¦
Nowadays several plugins use it, my own save plugin included:

HI, I purchased your plugin a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

So if I understand you correctly it is just a Flag that can be set and is not actually related to the standard UE4 saving system?

In the game code it says that its used for ā€œgame-specific archives with ArIsSaveGame setā€

/// Property should be serialized for save games.
/// This is only checked for game-specific archives with ArIsSaveGame set