Is the rest of the Paragon assets going to be ever released?

I am a indie developer and I am constantly creating new projects to sharpen my skills in the Unreal Engine and to learn new things. I am currently making a small game with the free Paragon assets however I see no Aurora or Gideon etc. When will the rest of the Heroes be released? Is it even going to be released? Please release them because there are a ton of developers including myself who would like to use the heroes in our projects. Please keep me informed if it comes out to the Marketplace. :smiley:

Hi there,

The additional Paragon asset packs will be released through spring and summer 2018. For more information please refer here: Epic Games Releases $12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets for Free - Unreal Engine.


Does anyone have any update to this? It’s September now.

I think the paragon should come back

Paragon needs to come back. It was a great way for friends to gather. We all enjoyed playing