Is the Python API still being developed?

I’ve been one of the many who have embraced Unreal’s Python API since it has come out. I think it’s a wonderful addition to the Editor and makes automation and custom tool creation so much simpler.
Or at least that’s what I was hoping it would do. However, I consistently find myself abandoning its use due to missing features. When can we expect a more full featured API or at least a major update?

The API is still developed: some new features are added to the python library (e.g. the geometry scripting in 5.0) and you can also see some refactoring done over the versions.

So far the approach was to expose based on need, and to be roughly in par with blueprint. There is no plan to expose every single function from the C++ libraries.
What functions or features do you find missing.

Hi UE_FlavienP, I appreciate your quick response.

Having a more complete access to SkelMeshes, Animation Blueprints, Sequences, and Montages, would be very helpful. Some specific functions that come to mind are:

  • Adding and removing Virtual Bones and Sockets to Skeletons. Also the ability modify their editable properties.
  • Implementing interfaces for Animation Blueprints
  • Adding slots to Montages and managing animation sequences playing on those slots such as adding, removing, replacing, or changing timing.
  • Adding, removing, and modifying timing of sections in Montages
  • Adding and removing Anim Notifies to Montages