Is the performance of videos exported from engine same as in game fps?

Instead of using fraps to record in game realtime video, is it possible to not be limited by fps and export out a movie, treating UE4 as a somewhat offline renderer? I mean, say if I’m woking on a really demanding environment and only getting like 15 fps, if I instead used a movie exporting feature of matinee or something to showcase a flythrough with fast camera rotations, would it appear to be smooth this way and perfect 60 fps?

I’m used to using traditional renderers which are frame by frame, there is no real noticeable fps drop regardless of how complex the scene is, just some frames take longer to ‘export’ or render. Can UE4 do the same thing? Thinking about vegetation being effected by wind and having that smoothly show is something that makes me question if its possible

Or even if I use the feature to export video it will still be low fps and choppy the same as fraps?
I ask this because instead of upgrading to like a Titan X card right now since I’m just showing off a cinematic trailer can I instead avoid upgrading and still use UE4 in a more ‘not limited by gpu’ offline yet semi-realtime renderer?

You can use Matinee to setup a camera animation and then save it to frames, it will slow down so that it can render at the desired framerate. Though that will affect motion blur

You can also test out some other video recording options. If you have a GTX 600 or later graphics card then there’s already a function built in called Shadowplay which you can enable using the Nvidia Experience program.
Alternately, there’s Open Broadcaster Software which can do as well but is free and can record anything from your computer.
I think either of those programs will be able to record with better performance than Fraps

Thanks for the info, I’m trying to be completely not limited by the gpu, for example if I was talking about a scene that gets only 15 fps even without fraps, just in editor/game mode, but I want to bring that up to 60 fps with the same quality, animations & effects using matinee, I can do that?

This seems to be exactly what I was hoping, but regarding such a complex scene, could I save the camera animations to frames to have the end resulting video be 60 fps and highest quality still retaining even the wind animation of leaves? And smooth particles too? Even if normal game view it is 15 fps? Would that be then going into a screenshot by screenshot mode almost?

I dont mind not using motion blur at all, as long as with this method I can still have everything look identical to in game view except on a smooth 60 fps instead of 15

…Or must I separate everything out and hide different parts, export them out in separate videos, then re-composite them all together in AE/nuke?

Yeah, it basically takes a screenshot each frame and makes an image sequence, you can set whatever framerate you want and you can render it out at 1080p. Particles are fine.

This is my movie, I encountered a problem

I use maya nparticles to mesh and export .abc

Can not import animation information into Matinee for the engine

help me please