Is the node "Draw Debug Line" only for debugging?

I would like to draw lines in the 3D space, and the “Draw Debug Line” node seems perfect for that purpose. However the “Debug” word in its name intrigues me. Can I use this node even for not debugging or it has issues such as performances ? If so, what is the best way of drawing a line in the 3D space ?

The debug lines are really only there for debugging purposes, you could use a beam particle to create a line from one point to another. And I’m sure there are other ways to creating a line from point a to b. As far as performance, well, package your game to even see if it shows up :slight_smile:

Thanks. Using beam particles seems a bit overkill for what I want to achieve, I will have many (~3000) lines to draw, and I don’t know whether it will be fast enough for VR.