Is the New Unreal Tournament Already Optimized? Coz' an M395 (without d X) Can Only Do 730p Medium

Hi. Is the new Unreal Tournament already optimized coz on a 8GB i5 Quad Core 3.3 Ghz with Radeon M395 (not an X), it can only be played smoothly at 720p at medium settings? This is on macOS 10.12.1 or the M395 is slow for UT (though it can do 4k playable not 60fps at maximum setting with Tomb Raider 2013 non-definitive edition which has great graphics as well)

Thank you in advance. Proverbs 31

Another mislead soul by osx.What you have is a low-med level laptop gpu(the m versions from nvidia are quite superior).If you want some 10-20% boost,than bootcamp the pc and play on windows.