Is the Grow Grass function of Cinema 4d R16 Compatible?

I’ve been trying to import a football field fbx that I’ve made with the Cinema 4d Grow Grass function based off of this tutorial Create 3D Baseball & Football Grass Fields (Cinema 4D tutorial) - Sean Frangella - YouTube
Now the fbx imports in as a flat floor like plain but I can’t figure out how to get the 3d grass itself to export. I know you guys know more about ue4 than c4d just wanted to see if anybody had a similar problem and figured it out thanks.

Things like that that are specific to certain programs will not transfer over. What you would want to do here is create a grass mesh(s) that can be used with the foliage tool and painted into your scene in UE4.

This thread may be helpful as well: Lawn Grass Archviz - Architectural and Design Visualization - Epic Developer Community Forums