Is the Github Repo no longer public?


When I go to: Epic Games · GitHub

It says: This organization has no public repositories.

Do I have to request access?

Sorry if I’m missing something.


You need to have your GitHub account linked to your Epic ID account ( GitHub account name), and you need to be currently signed into GitHub in order for it to show up.

However, you just gave me a good idea about making this more obvious. We will look into creating a public repository with a single readme file about how to access the main repo in it :slight_smile:

Michael Noland

Just saw it :DDD thanks!

Question: how long does it take to see the repo from adding the github account name?

Should be somewhat instantenous. An automated process invites you to join the Epic Games Organization on GitHub, and once you accepted you’ll be able to see the Repositories. Just check GitHub if you got an invite.

Like BhaaL said, it shouldn’t be very long. Are you still not able to see the repo?

Michael Noland

Are you able to view the organization page correctly?