Is the engine capable of nice looking water that isn't plastic?

I have posted a tutorial video for hiding water from outside view when the water plane crosses an empty mesh like boats (UE4 - M). I am preparing one aswel for hiding multiple volumes inside water, which is what you want… just trying to fit this into my daily task schedule, but will appear during the next days. All can be done with just basic UE4 knowledge, not using anything specific as C++ or HLSL btw.

The stuff I am preparing: water materials and Ocean Seasons will all use the same final solutions for the projects, so while I can release some stuff as tutorials for things that are quite easy, others I still need to test in several conditions (they all need to work with other assets in development, like our Sky Seasons which is to be soon released). Unfortunately we don’t have equipment for testing in VR, since it is not our primary business focus. But lets see what future reserves :slight_smile:

One thing that you can try is to actually add a little Metallic to the water. I know this goes against the rules of PBR but I have found that under certain circumstances doing this will help the water surface appear more natural.

Here’s another example of some good looking water in UE4: No particles. Gerstner Wave shader + analytical splashes - YouTube
Also, the example image on the planar reflections docs show some nice water: Planar Reflections | Unreal Engine Documentation

Forgot to say thanks for this tip.

I’ve been looking at all the cool ray tracing videos from gdc. Will this stuff work well with water i wonder?

Will be interesting to see all the ways it can improve graphics in the future.