Is the Bug Report functionality down?

We’re trying to create a bug report, but the moment we Submit, the page just hangs there without feedback. No idea if the report is actually submitted or not.

Anyone else has this problem? I would like to report a bug reporting a bug report :).

Anyone? I would really like to file, but it seems impossible.

Hi Warner V,

Do you get any error message when reporting a bug, or does it just not appear to load a screen after reporting?

The screen just goes shows a half-opaque grey overlay pretending to load the next / result screen but nothing is ever loaded or shown.

Same thing, tried on two different machine at different locations, different browsers at different days.

They will think Unreal Engine is finally perfect! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, are you uploading files with your reports?

No, only a link to the project hosted externally

Just submitted one today… Took fine… got an email, etc.


Nope, I tried when I posted my earlier message an hour ago, still stuck

I had the same result with and without attachment

Checking in on this as I still can’t submit a bug. I get the same translucent overlay with a spinner and it just goes on and on.

No, nothing happened. Cannot send any bug reports.