Is the answerhub dead?

I understand people here aren’t paid to answer questions. This isn’t a free helpdesk or well of knowledge for starting developers. But compared to the amount of active developers it feels pretty much dead. Alternatives for active, experienced devs?

it feels pretty much dead.

Start answering questions! Bring it back to life ;p

people here aren’t paid to answer

You get paid in internet karma points. One can’t put a price on that…

Well, I guess I prove with this paragraph, it’s not dead.

There are also groups on FB, not my scene though.

I think you may find it livens up quite a lot in the near future :wink:

PS: How are you assessing this? Are you posting and getting no answers?

People still use it, from beginner to decades in the field-pros.
It isn’t like it was a few years ago, when you could expect answers to just about any question in a few minutes, even before Karma and being named in the livestreams for it.

The slower responses make it feel empty, true.

But at least the reason is as good as can be hoped for.
That being that most questions people ask have been responded to in video short-tutorials so rather than wait for an answer, people can just follow someone’s example showing them how to do things.

And for the things that haven’t been explained, or are difficult to form a search text for… we still have the hub.

Yes I hope in the near future, with UE5 incoming :). I was just wondering why the “Recommended Questions” on my front page are years old, and many recent questions get no views or often low quality answers. That made me think there is either an alternative community or it’s bad news. I mean I don’t expect every question to be answered within the day but it seems a bit odd there’s not much communication going on between active devs, I"d love to discuss things with other experienced devs as I have worked alone on code for years and learned a lot through the suffering ;). Researching something in UE4 which isn’t documented well can be a huge time waste for a solo dev

Good point, I think many people are drawn to Youtube for the video tutorials. There are some good channels out there, Mathew Wadstein 's videos for example. There’s this unexplored area in c++, like proper documentation for the Input , Slate and AI systems and much more which take tons of time to research for solo devs and small teams sadly. I understand that any dev who goes through the suffering of doing so might want to keep the secrets and move to the marketplace, but that points at bad and missing documentation from Epic. I never figured out a way to add knowledge to the Documentation pages so I assume we can’t add to those :confused:

My last several questions over the past month have not received replies, which is unusual. Though I mostly get answers from ClockworkOcean when my questions are noticed. Luckily, I’m able to figure out most of my issues on my own after a couple of weeks pulling out my hair.

That’s exactly what I meant though, it’s a waste of time having to mess around for weeks optimizing or building a system when there’s not enough documentation.