Is the AnswerHub an seperste loging?

Kia ora

I’m trying to go search the Answerhub and can’t log in it’s say invalid user or password but here I am

Do I need to create another account?

Hi Kiwi-Hawk,

No, the AnswerHub uses the exact same login credentials as the UE4 forums,, wiki, and the Launcher. The only difference is that those other logins are all connected to the SingleSignOn (SSO), so you get automatically logged into a site if you are already logged in elsewhere. AnswerHub will be connected to the SSO soon, but regardless, it still uses the same username and password.

I just tested it myself, and had no problem logging in. If you are certain that you are using the correct password and you continue to experience an issue with the AnswerHub, please let me know and we’ll investigate further.


Thank you seems it was me trying to type to fast lol was missing the shift combo I needed