Is the animstarter pack capable of using root motion?

title says it all.

Having a hard time setting it up. Since almost all tutorials out there use the mocap animation pack, im asking myself if my problems are coming from the anim starter pack (which is great) or from my own stupidness.

Would be great if someone could clear that question for me up.

already thank you

In order to successfully make use of root motion youll need a lot of animations all matched up and prepped. No ‘starter pack’ will cover that.
Youll need a whole bunch of things in order to make a nice looking root motion controller - anim starter pack isnt meant to give you that. Its only there to have somewhere to start your general journey into ue4 animations and character controllers.

If you want to make a full root motion controller youll need one of those complete packs like Kubold and some others offer on the marketplace.

PS: mixamo animations will NOT work unless you edit them extensively in a 3d app.

Thank you :).