Is the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor good for using Unreal?

I’m just building a PC for work purposes and I’m considering whether to get this processor or an Intel.


I would say yes!
I personally use an AMD A10-7850 12 core processor with no problems, but it also has 32Gb of memory. This is my main dev computer and have not had any issues. Me personally, I have found AMD processors better than Intel for compiling, but everyone has their own opinions on this. I had several laptops that I used a couple years back and the AMD just seemed faster. It may have been also due to how the laptops are configured and software/firmware that was running as well but I sold the Intel laptops and only used AMD from then on out. I got 5 desktops in our office at the moment, that all run some type of AMD processor.
I would like to say that the servers we run are all Intel E class processors (non-Unreal games) but will most likely be looking at a Threadripper AMD for a server if we wind up making something with Unreal.

As far as I was told in the forums by an “expert”, AMD doesn’t fully support ray-tracing. But it could be entirely not the case.

The CPU doesn’t do anything for ray tracing anyway

I’ve AMD Ryzen 7 3800X and it works awesome !

I’ve been most curious about this myself. From my research I’ve seen many posts and videos. It all depends on the work load. Someone says it doesn’t do raytracing. This is the first I’ve heard that and have seen videos that counteract that suggestion (it’s not the best at it though). All in opinions I guess. I’m going with the threadripper 1920x myself because I will be streaming games, and streaming game builds. So it will do everything I need it to do. Also raytracing looks like it may get the boost it needs in January 2020. Now I’m no expert and this is all in opinion. If you feel you need something now and ready I’d go and. If you want something a bit more expensive wait til January and see what they have planned. If you want it now and want expensive go Intel. I’m not a team blue (besides Pokemon go) so normally I wouldn’t suggest them. But from what I’ve seen in content creation such as 3d art and animation. Amd threadripper 1920x or the comparable Intel i9 7900x. These are more for those who are starting to get serious. So choice is yours in the end. Ive already stated mine.

Again, the CPU does not do real-time ray tracing, it’s all on the GPU and currently only Nvidia GPU’s support raytracing, though AMD should have some kind of support this year (since the new consoles will support it and they are using AMD processors)

omg, why u doing here, I told to you in vk that it’s a fine cpu for your cash :smiley: