Is the $20 a month for 1 computer or can me and my friends pay $20 as a group

Title says it all. Can we share a $20 subscription for unreal engine 4 and install it on each of our own PCs?


no. it’s per person using it. Now if you have two computers that only you use, you should be able to use one subscription for that.

Please read the EULA: 2. User License its stated single User only.

Essentially, the way I read it, is that you need to pay the monthly fee for each seat that you’ve got using it. So if there are 4 of you, you need 4 licenses, or $80/month together. It’s still a great deal. I’d assume that the finished product is still only liable for 5%, collectively, but you’d do better contacting Epic directly for an answer to that. Depending on how many of you there are and what you need you might even want to talk to them about a custom license.